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As a typical Singaporean, we all know that buying a car in Singapore is very expensive as compared to other countries, even countries like the United States, buying a car there is not a problem at all.

Buying a car in Singapore, we will still need to fork out additional thirty to about forty thousand dollars to pay for the certificate of entitlement which is also known as the COE. This regulation was passed down by the Singapore government since the year of 1990. The reason was solely because there were too many cars on the road which led to traffic congestion, in order to solve this problem, all car owners would have to purchase COE.

Thus, before buying cars in Singapore we will also think twice because of the hefty price we will have to pay. In addition, the life span of COE is only for ten years and after ten years if you would like to continue driving, you will have to renew your COE which means more money again. These are a few reasons to why buying cars in Singapore is so expensive.

If buying a brand new car is not within your budget, then get a second hand used car. Although it might not be as brand new but some second hand used cars are in very good condition. Here are some tips you would want to consider before buying a second hand used car:

1. Check on the COE, how many years it is left

2. Check on the mileage, because from this you will know how far this particular car has travelled.

3. Check on the condition of the car

Due to the high COE prices, many Singaporeans now opt to buy a second hand used car rather than owning a brand new one. Some said that it does not make any difference if the condition is like brand new. I do agree with that statement, why spend so much money when you are just travelling on an island- Singapore? One of the main reasons why Singaporeans would still buy cars even if the COE was tagged at such a crazy high price is because cars prove to people their status.

In conclusion, getting second hand used cars would be a wise choice if you do not want to waste so much money on getting a car. If you do not have ability to "feed" the car then you can also choose the rent the cars from Car Rental companies whenever you need it.

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