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Getting a car is one of the top dream lists that every single person would like to have.

Owing car in Singapore can be a luxury way of living or a basic necessity. Parent with kids will get a car for their daily travelling like picking up their kids from school. A welled income person will get a car to show off his assets.

Before you even start to go down to any car dealer shop, let us give you some good pointers on buying new car.

Singapore is experiencing economy downturn; many Singaporeans will feel stress on their finance. If possible, many people would like to save up and not wasting unnecessary money. However, with this current issue, the more you should invest your money better and to gain much value for your money especially with the rising cost of COE.

House is a good investment when recession occurred. At least, you had an asset under your name, would make you more or less have a secure feeling. Likewise, buying a car is also a great investment; even the liabilities may be higher than what you expected. The money you invested in a car would allow you to know that your money is being well spent.

Here are the seven tips on buying a car:

1. Do you know that certain months of the year is a good time for buying a car? At this timing of the year, many new car models will be launch during August till around 1 month before Christmas. Selecting and buying your car at this “golden” period would mean that you have a choice from choosing old car models to the newest car models.

2. Always be mentally prepared that those greed salesmen will use wonderful sales persuasion skills on you and pressure to buy a car from them. Remember you are the buyer and you should dictate your taste and preferences of your own car. Never to be pressured in buying your car in a rush.

3. Do remember to ask for any special promotions or offers that may be present on the day. Do not feel shy to ask and bargain for a good price as normally for car prices are more or less flexible and do always ask for a better pricing.

4. Do not buy car in weekend thus do not make your way down. As salesperson will be extremely busy thus they will not be in a position to offer you a good price. Go during a weekday where are less busy, thus a good deal or price may be offered to you.

5. Always seek help from your friends or family members who had actually have knowledge on car. This will prevent you from making hasty decision based on the salesperson "sweet talk" skills. Many car salesperson are very experience and they are making lots of commission from those car sales.

To summarise, do not make a haste decision in buying a car. Do it slowly and understand their specifications which will cater more to you need. Ultimately, you need to get a car that you would like and enjoy driving it. Plan properly before making a buying decision, this can certainly save you time and money.

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