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Singapore is a small country that does not have many natural resources. Hence, we are heavily dependent on our export and import businesses with the world to boost our economy’s GDP. Recently, due to downsize of the world’s economy, Singapore is also greatly affected.

When economy is down, anyone who is running a business may feel the impact very greatly, especially businesses that need to do delivery to customers. Petrol and diesel prices is always climbing high, hence to businesses that are owning numerous commercial vehicles, not only the normal maintenance fees that you need to pay out, if there should be any repair work that will be an additional cost to your company’s finance.

When economy is bad, many liabilities may burden your company’s finance.
However, having said that, businesses still have to keep on running. Is there any other way that your company could cut down on the commercial vehicle cost? Businesses that are small size will have to bear those liabilities when they purchase a new vehicle, is just like employing a part-time employee. It would be advisable that for a company to know what type of vehicle able to save more on the petrol and necessary for the company primarily operation work flow.

Getting a used commercial vehicle will be a good idea to save costs when economy is tough. As getting a used commercial vehicle, you bear less cost on your insurance, maintenance and repair as compared in getting a new commercial vehicle. However there may be a risk involve when getting a used commercial vehicle.

In this article, I am going to show you some tips in getting a used vehicle for your businesses.

Step 1 – Always use internet portal to do a careful research on any potential used vehicle and seller.

Step 2 – Do not solicit with any unauthorized used car dealer or even suspicious car rental company. As they may wanted to close at a high price but after sales service may not be good. Chances of their quality check and inspection on their used car may not be stringent.

Step 3 – Remember to always consider the factors that why you need the commercial vehicle for? Example: for delivery of furniture, transporting of air-con units and compressor or just needed for transporting workers etc.

Step 4 – Always do calm decision. Do not rush into decision when the salesperson doing his sales “psycho” on you. As buying a vehicle is like employing a staff which needs long term commitment.

To summarise, when economy is bad, getting a used commercial vehicle is not a bad idea. As you do not need to bear any unnecessary finance liabilities to you company and you will save or cut down on your cost.

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