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Buying a new car is like doing an investment. With the high rocket price of COE in Singapore, getting a car is really like doing a high yield investment. Why do I say so? Getting a new car in a lack of space Singapore, parking is difficult, monthly maintenance fee and road taxes etc.

However, with that said, people may wonder why not get a used car so you can save a little in those unnecessary costs? Well, in this article you will know why getting a new car will be ideal than getting a used car.

1. The very first simple yet logical advantage in getting a new car is that you will have an ease of mind. New car that are purchase is normally have a special warranty to cover them for any mechanical or technical defects. Under this warranty, the car dealers or car suppliers are alleged to repair or replace the car if there should be any big problem in the car. This warranty is a special clause for new car purchasers which used car dealer do not cover.

2. Ideally new car do not need much maintaining or servicing for the few thousand mileage in the start. Even if after those mileage, your new car may just need some small and general maintaining and servicing. These maintaining and servicing may be provided to you F.O.C for a few times as part of the after sales service by the car dealers. New car also do not require changing the wheel tires, car battery, exhaust pipe etc. Thus, for a long term planning getting a new car may not be a costly option.

3. All items come with a warranty even for car. However, warranty for car is more comprehensive and warranty period is longer to about four to five years. With this warranty coverage, if there should be any issue with the car, it will be the responsibilities of the manufacturer to get your car fixed.

4. Well this may not be an ideal reason but still logical. With a brand new car in your family, this will in turn providing you a feeling of pride. Why is it so? A new car in your family would mean that your income capabilities are able to support and change a new car.

To conclude, if you are considering getting a new car, you may do a research online and source for any new car deals via their websites.

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