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In Singapore, owning a car is like having a finance liability. Car maintenance, petrol, road taxes and car insurance will contribute mainly to your liability. Some people are able to manage well with their income while some may find it a little exhausting.

However, there are also many reasons why you will consider selling your car away.

1) Ideally, if you are paying off your car loan at a high rate, you probably should reconsider taking a car which is near to your budget. A lot of people are overpaying for their car loan than what they can afford to pay with their current income. A common trend is Singapore, car loan and COE is just too extorting. If you cannot able to pay, why not sell of your current car and get a car that comfortably fit to your budget

2) Having an unhealthy car relationship? If you do not like your car, just get rid of it! Do not keep something which you do not desire. Replace a car for your choice. Often times, you lose more than you gain by keeping a car you do not need.

3) Are you paying expensive insurance premium for your car? If you feel like your insurance company is making you to pay an insurance that you are almost paying for BMW, this time u should reconsider selling your car away. You can always get a car that offer you lower insurance premium.

4) Income is more and is stable will also make you sell away your car. As you would like to have a new car for a ride thus, your old car can be sold to saving on your liabilities.

5) Although this is a bad reason to sell a car but it makes perfect logic. Car license was being revoked for committing a traffic offence. In this situation, there is no reason for you to give the car. As revoked license is for few months or even longer, there is no motive for you to keep a car that you cannot drive. Selling your car away also indicate you no need keep paying those insurance as you cannot drive without license.

6) As ironic it can be, your car is always in the mechanic shop rather than on road. This indicates that you need to sell off your car fast and get a new car. If your car is under performance and need to service regularly in the workshop, you are keep your maintenance fee high and not worth.

7.) Got a 2 seater sports car or SUV petrol drinking vehicle? If you do not need a SUV, consider getting a more petrol friendly car. Here in Singapore, the cost of rising petrol can drain up your hard earn money on petrol thirsy SUV. Go for hybrid if you can. always think of the environment, after all, we have only one Earth.

7) Lastly reason is also vital as if you have a big family, your normal sedan car will not be able to support. Thus, you need to sell of your sedan car to get a SUV or MPV that have more room space to carry your family.

To conclude, there are many reasons why need to sell a car. Not necessary is because of your financial burden. Always remember do source around to see your car market value before changing or sell your car.

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