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Used Car/2nd hand cars
Many people are sceptical on getting a used car. As they normally will think that used car may have many faults and issues that maybe hidden during the transaction flow with the car dealers. No doubt, buying a new car may give you the trills and excitements as how chances in your life you may get a new car?

In Singapore, sad to say but getting a new car is not easy for many Singaporeans.

With all those high rocketing COE, road taxes and expensive parking rates which makes Singaporeans source for an alternative in getting a car.

Buying car is good investments in a long term plan whether it is a new or used car.

However, with your budget that you are able to spend perhaps a new car may not be ideal. Many new car models will cost you a bomb. Since they are brand new car, their price tag will not be lowered just for you as there is still the market value. New car depreciated very fast during the very first few years thus which you will lose a great amount of money as compared to those used car that had a few years at the road.

Used car can let you saved more on that price tag and also allow you to have a chance in designing the car you like. Modification normally will be on getting new rims and tires. Furthermore, if you are a music lover, you can always feel free to install a new car woofer, good solid speakers that you can blast you music down the highway of Malaysia if you are travelling out Singapore for a small getaway. If getting a good sound system for your car is not ideal, how about getting a new exhaust to add into your care performance. In whole, adding some of these new items in your car only will cost a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.

When it comes to buying a new car, many costs are incurred to your new car insurance premium. Normally new cars are equipped with expensive insurance premiums to cover those high repair costs for the new car parts. There may be other issues taken into consideration, however to stress on is that used car insurance premiums will be significantly lower than a new car. Lower insurance premiums is equal to your savings

Always remember the golden rule, do a research via internet before heading down to a used car dealers. With the aid of modern technology, you may source and get the information of your ideal used car specification, any issues on that car model you are considering etc. Do not surprise these issues are being resolved as this is a used car you are buying, thus those issues is more or less been addressed or solved.

Ideally, buying a new car you could always return back to the car dealers that sold you, however there are many unforeseen circumstances like car usability design etc.

To conclude, I would say that with recent year’s car manufacturing technology, car manufacturers are making sure that all cars produce to have a better quality assurance that can last for a decade. Hence, getting used cars is not a bad choice when come to your budget and will help you to save a significant amount.

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